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In python I can write "Hello" * 5 and get


Is there a way to do this in a django template? Something like {% multiply "Hello" 5 %} or as a filter {% "Hello"|multiply:"5" %}

Or maybe a "repeat" loop control? Something like:

{% repeat 5 %}
{% endrepeat %}

I can write a filter or tag myself, but was wondering if I could save myself some trouble.

If someone can authoritatively say that there is no built-in capability such as I require, that would be a perfectly acceptable answer.

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There is no built-in capability such as you require.

That would be a trivial tag to make for yourself - there are some helpful examples in the Django docs.

I suppose you could hack something together by using something like {% for x in "12345" %}Hello{% endfor %} but that is a horrible hack.

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I love the hack! It may not be pretty but gets the job done, and it is quite legible. –  Koliber Services Dec 16 '11 at 17:01
Haha maybe I shouldn't have put that in there - remember that someone else could work on this code after you and wish bad things to happen to you ;) –  Dan Breen Dec 16 '11 at 17:07

Here's another hack:

{% for x in ""|ljust:"100" %}
    Hello World!
{% endfor %}

I'm using an empty string as the value here, and I repeat the thing 100x. You can also use a variable to determine the number of repeats with this hack :) just replace "100" with the variable.

{% for x in ""|ljust:repeat_count %}
    Hello World!
{% endfor %}

Or make your own...

you can make the multiply filter quite easily (more on making your own template tags and filters):

In an installed app (e.g., included in your INSTALLED_APPS setting), add a "templatetags" module and a file called ""

So you will have something like this:

  + templatetags
  | +
  | + 

plus whatever else you have in your app...

Here's your

from django.template import Library

register = Library()

def multiply(string, times):
    return string * times

Yup that's the whole thing...

And then in your template

{% load string_multiply %}

Chris Brown:
{% filter multiply:3 %}
{% endfilter %}

You (x5):
{{ request.user.username|multiply:5 }}

The output of which will be:

Chris Brown:

You (x5):
Koliber ServicesKoliber ServicesKoliber ServicesKoliber ServicesKoliber Services
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