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I have uncommented mycrypt in php.ini and restarted Apache, but mycrypt does not enable. I checked using phpinfo(). I have also verified the dll exists in the ext directory.

Any thoughts?

Environment: Windows Web Server 2008 PHP Version (5.2.5) Database ( MySQL 5.0.45) Web Server (Apache 2.0.59)

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check comments to mcrypt installation guide from php.net:

Mcrypt.dll should be included in the WINDOWS installer of PHP. Or in the WINDOWS installer of phpmyadmin.

If you wish to install mcrypt on Windows, you should also place libmcrypt.dll in the PATH of your system.

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libmcrypt.dll is in /php and mcrypt.dll is in /php/ext –  FSUmatt Dec 16 '11 at 17:05

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