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What is the best app for row level permissions in Django?

There are many of them at http://djangopackages.com/grids/g/perms/, but how to choose more promising one?

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You can try the following that is suitable for any kind of project:

  1. Project popularity between devs: Check the number of contributors. In GitHub or BitBucket you can get the number of followers/watchers, forks and clones.
  2. Documentation matters: Avoid the "read the code" dilemma, check if the project is well documented and the compatibility with other packages (like Django).
  3. Maintenance of the project: Check if there is issues with "open" status for a long time and without response.
  4. Evaluate the open issues of the project: If the project have open issues, take a look if some of this issues isn't a big problem for your needs.
  5. Check the plugability: Depending on your needs you may choose a project that is more easily plugable than others.

What I can say more is that I've already used django-guardian and it fitted my needs at the time. I think it fits in almost all of these considerations above but give others a try too.

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