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I have about 50 html files and need to search and replace image resizer urls in all of them

current url is like this :,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft&width=64&height=64esizeByMinSize,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft&width=64&height=64

What I want is :

find :
replace with : /resizer/phpThumb.php?src=

remove : &mode=resizeByMinSize,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft

find : &width=
replace with : &w=

find : &height=
replace with : &h=

add this to end of the image url : &far=C&q=85&zc=C

output for this sample url should be :


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sed is perhaps not the best tool for the task, although sed can do it. What have you tried? – Fredrik Pihl Dec 16 '11 at 16:28
awk is better suited for parsing pieces line by line but it's better if you use a simple scripting language like python php perl or ruby. – Jazz Man Dec 16 '11 at 16:38
@Fredrik :I have no urge to use SED , I am just looking for an easy way to do this in linux command line . if I am not wrong for this search/replace I have to run multiple command and its not possible to do all of 5 steps in one line ... right ? – user82324 Dec 16 '11 at 16:44
@JazzMan: hmmz I know PHP , Yes its not very hard to do this in PHP , thanks for your suggestion :D – user82324 Dec 16 '11 at 16:49

I'm going to assume your sample URL was missing a fragment in the middle. I think the following sed script might serve your needs:

sed -e 's-; s/&mode=resizeByMinSize,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft//; s/&width=/\&w=/g; s/&height=/\&h=/g; s/$/\&far=C\&q=85\&zc=C/;' /tmp/y.txt
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There is probably a typo in your url above, in point 2 you say to remove &mode=resizeByMinSize,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft but you forget to mention what to do with esizeByMinSize,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft...

Anyway, the awk scrip below solves the problem: tweek it to your needs:

# replace 'www' below with a better pattern
/www/ {
    sub(/http:\/\/www\.test1\.com\/showimage\.php\?fileUrl=/, "/resizer/phpThumb.php?src=")

    gsub(/&mode=resizeByMinSize,cropToSize&cropPosition=topleft/, "")
    gsub(/&width=/, "\\&w=")
    gsub("&height=", "\\&h=")
    $0 = $0 "&far=C&q=85&zc=C"

quoting is a bit messy, see awk-manual Wrap this in a findsequence and your problem is solved.

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