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On colModel, is there any way to set the default value if the result is null, I mean:

colModel: [
{ name: 'Date', index: 'Date', width: 35, formatter: 'date', formatoptions: { newformat: 'd/m H:i' }, sorttype: 'date', **IFISNULLDISPLAY: '-'** }
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It seems for me that you found a bug in iqGrid. here the variable opts will be set to

var opts= {rowId: rowId, colModel:cm, gid:ts.p.id, pos:colpos };

then inside of date formatter (see here) the opts will be extended to op with respect of formatoptions

op = $.extend({},op,opts.colModel.formatoptions);

and in case of non-empty cellval will be used op

return  $.fmatter.util.DateFormat(op.srcformat,cellval,op.newformat,op);

The bug is that in another line which will be executed for empty cellval it will be used opts instead of op

return $.fn.fmatter.defaultFormat(cellval, opts);

The line (it has the number 5054 and 5052 in the file jquery.jqGrid.src.js) must be fixed to

return $.fn.fmatter.defaultFormat(cellval, op);

How you can see from the demo the defaultValue: '-' of the formatoptions of the formatter: 'date' will work correct, but it is still not documented.

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My question was about date, but i wanted to question about every type, not just for date –  Alexandre Dec 19 '11 at 18:17
@Alexandre: If you look at the documentation you will see which predefined formatter supports defaultValue property. I shows you how to change the code of jqGrid to support the defaultValue property for the date type. If you look at the code of jquery.fmatter.js and search for $.fn.fmatter.defaultFormat you will see that the same changes you can make for the most other formatters to add support of defaultValue. –  Oleg Dec 19 '11 at 19:05

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