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I have created 3 functions. Each connects to a database, runs a query and displays the result. Run indivually they all work fine. However I want the user to decide which report of 3+ to run, to do so they will select a parameter and hit an execute button. How do I write a nested if then do in Clojure to decide which functions to execute?

If param = "reporta" do execute functiona else if param = "reportb" do execute functionb else etc etc etc

I have searched online but can't really find a good example of what I am trying to do... Any advise much appreciated.

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Use cond or condp:

(condp = param
  "reporta"    (functiona)
  "reportb"    (functionb)

Alternatively, you could use a map of functions and just index by param.

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In that case you can also use case since the compared things are literals. –  kotarak Dec 16 '11 at 20:35
I always forget about case. It betrayed me once (classes aren't literals) so I never went back :) –  Dave Ray Dec 18 '11 at 3:35

You can use case for your problem:

(case param
  "reporta" (do-something-a)
  "reportb" (do-something-b)
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