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I have:

NotificationModel = App.BB.Model.extend({
    defaults : {
        read : false
    urlRoot : '/notifications'

NotificationCollection = App.BB.Collection.extend({
    model: NotificationModel,
    url: '/notifications',
    initialize : function() {

NotificationView = App.BB.View.extend({
    tagName : 'li',
    render : function() {

This log is not returning the items fetched from the server. But when I do me.collection.length I do get the correct length. What am I doing wrong?


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Over nine million duplicates on how AJAX is not synchronous –  Esailija Dec 16 '11 at 18:28
I think ten million :P –  ShankarSangoli Dec 16 '11 at 18:31

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The comments others have made are making reference to the fetch method being asynchronous. So this.fetch() returns immediately. If you are rendering your view immediately after this.fetch, the collection will still be empty.

You should put something like this in the view that renders your collection:

initialize: function(){
    this.collection.bind("reset", this.render);
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