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This is my first time learning json and this is my sample code:

$(function () {
        var obj = jQuery.
        "PlanName":"spl Small Win 32 bit - Fixed",
        "OS":"Windows 2003 Standard, 32-bit"}]}');

I get an error in my console that says: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL. What is wrong with this data? Am I parsing it wrong?

Also I have a Json file with some sample data in it (the above data is a snippet of it). How do I include it in my project? Do I use script tags?

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Strings cannot span multiple lines in JavaScript. This is not related to your JSON string, the code is not even executed, the JavaScript parser cannot read it. –  Felix Kling Dec 16 '11 at 18:30

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You are spanning the command to a new line, plus, the multiple lines are causing your problem. Try

$(function () {
  var obj = jQuery.parseJSON('{"Plan":[{"PlanId":1,'+
    '"PlanName":"spl Small Win 32 bit - Fixed",'+
    '"OS":"Windows 2003 Standard, 32-bit"}]}');
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Hey this worked! did not know I needed to keep everything in one line. Any idea how I include an entire file of this kind of data in my project? –  Amit Erandole Dec 16 '11 at 18:36
It's called Plans.json btw. How do I use it? –  Amit Erandole Dec 16 '11 at 18:37
If the data in the file is JSON formatted, you can simply use an ajax request: api.jquery.com/jQuery.getJSON –  emrahgunduz Dec 16 '11 at 18:38
If you don't want a separate request to load the file, and want the data embedded in the first response content, it would look like this: var obj = ...json.data.embedded.right.here... ; –  smendola Dec 16 '11 at 18:46

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