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I have the following index on my collection:

    "v" : 1,
    "key" : {
        "story_feed_id" : 1,
        "story_guid" : 1
    "unique" : true,
    "ns" : "newsblur.stories",
    "name" : "story_feed_id_1_story_guid_1",
    "background" : false,
    "dropDups" : false

and want it update the dropDups to be true

what is the best way to do this?

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Drop it, recreate it.......... –  Andreas Jung Dec 16 '11 at 18:50

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There is no valid use case where you would need to enable that flag. The createIndex/ensureIndex invocation that would result in the index definition in your post would fail if duplicates on the index keys were present in that collection :

> db.test.save({a:1})
> db.test.save({a:1})
> db.test.ensureIndex({a:1}, {unique:true})
E11000 duplicate key error index: test.test.$a_1  dup key: { : 1.0 }

In other words, there does not exist a situation where you need to enable that flag retroactively. The only reason that flag exists is to drop duplicates upon createIndex invocations for collections that have duplicate index key values and you want to drop them rather than the call failing with the error above.

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