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I have a .NET web application and I want to check users into FourSquare when they log into my website. Using the 4Square API I can authorize without problem but depending on the params I pass to in the check in call it returns with a checkin type of either "Shout" or "Venueless". I have not been able to create a check-in with a type of "CheckIn".

The problem is that the types of 'Shout" or "Venueless" are not being counted as checkins at the venue place I created. From what I've been reading I'm wondering if this is possible. It works from FourSqaures web app

I'm posting to this address and passing the users auth token, the venueId, broadcast=public and the shout text. I have also tried adding the latitude and longitude from my venue item (I know this is frowned upon).

I always get back a type of 'Shout" unless I include the venue param and then I get back a type of 'Venueless".

My VenueID = 4eeb40877beb28478d78928a
Versioning = 20111201

Any help/ideas will be appreciated.

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Venues are supposed to be tied to physical locations. Do you have any idea if users logging into your site are actually at a location corresponding to your venue? –  akdotcom Dec 16 '11 at 21:45
We have a couple of corporate locations that users would be physically logging in from and would like to capture it as a single location. –  Neal Dec 19 '11 at 12:38
That's not really a use case foursquare is designed for capturing. Check-ins and venues are about physical locations, so aggregating disparate locations doesn't really map over well –  akdotcom Dec 19 '11 at 23:56
I'll create a venue for each location that way each user will phyically be in each location. I can then combine their history in my app. As for the check-in type problem the issue was that I passed the "venueId" param as "venueid" (no capital I) in my app. Thankks for your input akdotcom...... –  Neal Dec 20 '11 at 13:10

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Each location should have a venue created in Foursquare regardless. Make sure that you can provide an accurate lat/long location (perhaps by their browser's location services) before posting the check-in/add.

Summarizing the commented conversation above so that this question no longer appears as unanswered on SO

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