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i'm following the how do i series for lightswitch, and converting the code as i go from VB to C#

i'm getting stuck on a computed property that is multiplying two fields and returning the result

the error is "Cannot implicitly convert type 'decimal?' to 'decimal'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)".

i'm not sure why i would need a cast since they are both of the same type


VB Code

Private Sub LineItemTotal_Compute(ByRef result As Decimal)
      result = Me.Quantity * Me.Price
End Sub

C# Code

 private void LineItemTotal_Compute(ref decimal result)
      result = this.Quantity * this.Price;

line item total screenshot

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Your properties are decimal?s (nullable).

As the error states, you cannot implicitly convert a nullable decimal to an ordinary (non-nullable) decimal.

Instead, you can write ?? 0 to coalesce to 0 if it's null.
However, you should consider making the other columns non-nullable as well to avoid the issue altogether.

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this solved the problem, thanks for the suggestion partial void LineItemTotal_Compute(ref decimal? result) { result = this.Quantity * this.Price; } –  Jason Dec 16 '11 at 20:01

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