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I have used Codeigniter for several years and now use it with Modular Extensions HMVC which allows me to have separate modules with their own controllers, models and views.

I haven't used Kohana before, and am trying to figure out if it is possible to do this type of HMVC with Kohana 3. I know it uses modules, but I'm not sure if it's modules in this same kind of HMVC context or not?

I basically need to do things where you can basically drop in a module that would have its own controllers, models, views, etc. Would Kohana work for something like that?

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Yes, Kohana has a cascading filesystem, you can get more details @ http://kohanaframework.org/3.2/guide/kohana/files

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Great, thanks. Time to give it a try... –  Frank Dec 16 '11 at 20:57

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