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I have a tough question.

I have 2 GWT projects GWT_A and GWT_B, each in a different root folder. All the porjects are compiled using Maven. GWT_B has its own servlet and uses the one of GWT_A.
Now my question is, how do you configure GWT_B to add GWT_A as a dependency?

PS: Adding a normal dependency fails because the GWT_B is not finding the packages in GWT_A.

Please help !!

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As explained here. The trick is in turning on the resource filtering so that when you mvn install GWT_A, maven will package the source code which then gwt can pick up when compiling GWT_B.

There's more resources on the web describing how to setup a multi-module project, google for gwt maven multi module project.

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I cannot test it until Monday. If this is the correct solution, I will mark your answer. PS: If i provide you with both my pom files, will you tell me what is wrong with them? then i can mark your answer as the correct one. – Adel Boutros Dec 16 '11 at 23:00

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