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In P4V, I can enter the directory in the "Search in:" field, enter a file pattern such as "*.c" in the "Name contains:" field and hit "Find".

How do I do that in a P4 (Windows DOS shell) command line or using the P4 APIs? I want to write a C# program to do this.

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I'm working in Windows env and Command shell. –  Kevin Dec 16 '11 at 20:01

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In the shell:

p4 files '//.../*.c'

I've not used the C# P4 API, but I've used a few others, and they all have something like:

p4.run( 'files', '//.../*.c' )

A useful variant of 'p4 files' is 'p4 fstat', which has all kinds of filtering flags and yields a rich bouquet of state attributes.

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You could be slightly more succinct with the command line would be 'p4 files //....c. The first three dots will match file or directory, and the last .c will match the extension. –  Mark Dec 19 '11 at 14:40
Didn't work for me: p4 files '//.../myfile.txt' Path 'c:\'//.../myfile.txt'' is not under client's root C:\Users\user\Perforce\myWS'. ` –  Mehrdad Mirreza Mar 17 at 13:50

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