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I'm a beginner to Ruby/RoR and am compiling a bunch of resources to help get me started. I stumbled across "Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby" and like how the info's presented (readable and informative).

My question: is the guide still a good resource to get started with? I read that several things have changed since the merger with Merb in the 3.0 release and I don't want to follow this guide if it's only going to confuse me.


Edit: I still get Ruby and RoR confused sometimes - hence, the reference to the 3.0 release.

So what I'm assuming (sorry if I assume too much) from Dougal's answer is that the Guide can still be useful to learn Ruby, but I will have to play "catch up" in order to use the 1.9 release effectively. Or are there too many differences that I will just waste time?

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IIRC, the Poignant Guide is for Ruby (the programming language), not Rails (the website-building framework). So it'll be based on a somewhat old version of Ruby, but it doesn't talk about Rails at all anyway. –  Dougal Dec 16 '11 at 20:13

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