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Is it possible to replace the foreach loop below with linq?

public class Foo
    List<Bar> Bars {get; set;}

List<Foo> fooList = GetFooList();
List<Bar> allBars = new List<Bar>();

foreach (Foo foo in fooList)

The closest I've gotten is:

var temp = fooList.Select(foo => foo.Bars).ToList();

which gives a List<List<Bar>>.

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You can use SelectMany() on foo.Bars

allBars.AddRange(fooList.SelectMany(foo => foo.Bars));

If allBars variable does not contain anything before AddRange(), you could skip the object creation:

List<Bar> allBars = fooList.SelectMany(foo => foo.Bars).ToList();

And if you are not going to use fooList somewhere else, you could just write:

List<Bar> allBars = GetFooList().SelectMany(foo => foo.Bars).ToList();
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Linq's SelectMany is your friend.


fooList.SelectMany(f => f.Bars)
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And another variation:

List<Foo> fooList = GetFooList();
List<Bar> allBars = fooList.SelectMany(x => x.Bars).ToList();
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here is the one more

   List<Bar> allBars = fooList.SelectMany(foo => foo.Bars).ToList();
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