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I have to develop a simple application for Windows that manages a hashmap. Users will enter a keyword in a text area and get some data back, that's all it has to do.

The backend part of this is dead simple but I'm unsure of how to produce the UI.

I would like to get some recommendations for scripting languages that include UI creation capabilities. In the past (more than 15 years ago) I used TCL/TK to do this sort of thing but I'm hoping there is something much simpler that matches the simplicity of my task.

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Tcl/Tk is still one of the simplest ways to do stuff like this (and has progressed quite far in the past 15 years if you find you need more power later).

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Download Visual Studio Express and create a WinForms application. Visual Studio has a Design view that allows you to create UIs with a few mouse drags and clicks; it really is dead simple. And there are many tutorials and examples.

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U can use python Tkinter library , it is easy , for windows you can use Qt for interface design, it is also handy.

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