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I want to replace all instances of font-family: ([A-Za-z ,"]+){1}; with font-family: Verdana using sed. In the past, the following command has worked for simple search & replace:

find ./ -type f -exec sed -i 's/needle/replace/' {} \;

However, I tried the following regex with no success:

find ./ -type f -exec sed -i 's/(font\-family:){1}([\"A-Za-z, ]+){1}(;){1}/font\-family: Verdana;/' {} \;

I'm on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.6. Additionally, the first command seems to only work on the first instance in any given file, which means I have to rerun the command until every instance gets replaced... can I improve the command to work on all instances of all files?

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Did you try using g option for global replacements. sed 's/needle/replace/g' – jaypal singh Dec 16 '11 at 21:43
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First, an explanation of why yours doesn't work. You need to escape all of your parentheses, square brackets, and the +, so the following should work:

sed -i 's/\(font\-family:\)\{1\}\(["A-Za-z, ]\+\)\{1\}\(;\)\{1\}/font-family: Verdana;/'

Fortunately you can add the -r switch to prevent the need for all of that escaping, but you can also simplify your current expression quite a bit. You do not need to put every section into a capturing group, and adding {1} to every group is redundant (that is basically the default). So you could reduce it to:

sed -ri 's/font-family:["A-Za-z, ]+;/font-family: Verdana;/g'

Note the added g option for global replacement, since you want this for every occurrence.

All together:

find ./ -type f -exec sed -ri 's/font-family:["A-Za-z, ]+;/font-family: Verdana;/g' {} \;
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Works great, thanks for the explanation. – lioman Dec 16 '11 at 22:37

the problem is, you need -r in your sed, since you used +

see the test below:

kent$  echo "oldstring_0000"|sed 's/[0]+/newstring/'

nothing happened.

now with -r:

kent$  echo "oldstring_0000"|sed -r 's/[0]+/newstring/'

also if you want to replace all, you need 'g' like 's/a/b/g'

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I'm not sure I fully understand your font-family expresion: font-family: ([A-Za-z ,"]+){1}; Are those matching parens and you're looking for {1} exactly one match?

Your regex is just complicated enough that I'd switch from sed to perl -pi:

find ./ -type f -exec perl -pi -e 's/font-family:[\"A-Za-z, ]+;/font-family: Verdana;/g' {} \;
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Try something like this -

sed -i 's/\(font-family:\) \(.*[^;]\)\(;.*\)/\1 Verdana\3/g'
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