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I'm trying to deploy my rails 3.1.3 app in a subdirectory on the server: Apache (reverse proxy) => unicorn (listening on localhost:5000)

The problem is with url_helper. via the --path switch in unicorn I'm setting my /subdir It gets picked up by rails; DashboardController.config.relative_url_root gives me that subdir.

But when I use something like 'members_path' in my view it gives me '/members' and not '/subdir/members'

what am I missing?

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Any solutions to this? Seems like an obvious and important use-case, yet I have exactly the same problem, and haven't been able to find a solution. –  Rawler Feb 29 '12 at 13:24

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I had exactly the same problem. Two things were missing/faulty in my setup.

  1. My web-server had an superflous, faiulty rewrite-rule, rewriting /prefix/<controller> to just /controller.
  2. It seems Rails3 routing are by default ignoring relative_url_root. (Stupid IMHO) There's a good tip in http://stackoverflow.com/a/5457484/103192 that shows a trick to make it work again.

Otherwise, you can wrap the run statement in your config.ru with the following block:

map ActionController::Base.config.relative_url_root || "/" do
  run FooApp::Application

I now have it working much like one would want it to work.

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