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Im having trouble with the following code. Here is the html part

     <form name="convert">

Choose which currency you would like to convert the Euro to:
<select id="conversionType">
    <option value="polish">Polish Zloty</option>
    <option value="ukraine">Ukraine Hryvnia</option>

      Amount:<input id="amount" type="text" />
<input id="convertButton" type="button" value="Convert->"/>
<input id="answer" type="text" name="answer" readonly="readonly"/>


and here is the javascript code. it has been changed and helped before but i cannot see why it is not working

    window.onload = initPage;

var euro;
var convert;

function initPage()
    document.getElementById("convertButton").onclick = calcAnswer;
    document.getElementById("conversionType").onchange = calcAnswer;

function calcAnswer()

    var value1 = document.getElementById("amount").value1;
    var conversionType = document.getElementById("conversionType").value1;

    //if(var value = document.getElementById("conversionType").value=="polish");
    //  document.getElementById("answer").value=value1 * 4.4976;
    //  document.getElementById("answer").value=value1* 10.43958;

    if(conversionType == "polish") {
        document.getElementById("answer").value1=value1 * 4.4976;
    } else {
        document.getElementById("answer").value1=value1 * 10.43958;


it will not work at all. i dont know why because i think that the theory is sound. any help wpuld be much appreciated

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Any time you do this:


should be this:


no such thing as value1.

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Shouldn't this

<pre> document.getElementById("answer").value1 </pre>


 document.getElementById("answer").value = value1 * 4.4976 
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