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Is there any PHP/GD function that can calculate this:

Input: image width, image height and an aspect ratio to honor. Output: the width/height of the max centered crop that respects the given aspect ratio (despite image original aspect ratio).

Example: image is 1000x500, a.r. is 1.25: max crop is 625x500. image is 100x110, max crop is: 80x110.

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There is no function that calculates this because it's elementary math:

$imageWidth = 1000;
$imageHeight = 500;
$ar = 1.25;

if ($ar < 1) { // "tall" crop
    $cropWidth = min($imageHeight * $ar, $imageWidth);
    $cropHeight = $cropWidth / $ar;
else { // "wide" or square crop
    $cropHeight = min($imageWidth / $ar, $imageHeight);
    $cropWidth = $cropHeight * $ar;

See it in action.

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Thanks. I've spent a couple of minutes and arrived to something like your code (but your solution is more elegant). Yeah, elementary but yet useful. –  Polmonino Dec 17 '11 at 0:00
Very nice solution. Even though my brain completely blanks out when i try to understand it, it works like a charm. –  SquareCat Nov 17 '12 at 10:27
can you show the action please ? its broken link –  Scooter Daraf Mar 25 at 6:25
@ScooterDaraf: Fixed. –  Jon Apr 14 at 19:20

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