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i'm using image processing on a mat in opencv, and i try to speed up the process with openmp by parallellising with openmp

Mat *input,*output = ...;
#pragma omp parallel for private(i,j) 
for(i=startvalueX; i<stopvalueX; i++) { 
  for(j=startvalueY; j<stopvalueY; j++) {   
    if(input->at<uchar>(i,j)!=0 && simplePoint(i,j,input) {                         

simplePoint is a method that grabs neighbours in input, and checks if it meets a predefined neighbourhood in a lookup table (around 15 lines of code).

serially, this program takes 1.56s, in parallel, 3.5s

the difference (using gprof) is

  %     cumulative   self             self     total           
time     seconds   seconds   calls  ms/call  ms/call  name          
38.40      0.67     0.33       44     7.50    18.97  _GLOBAL__sub_I__Z10splitImagePcPN2cv3MatES2_

Any ideas?

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How many threads are you using? Using too much threads will indeed slows down the code. Also, can you try "schedule(static)" and run again? –  xis Dec 16 '11 at 23:57
only 2 threads . –  Jonathan V Dec 17 '11 at 0:00
@xis19 with schedule(static), it's still the same speed –  Jonathan V Dec 17 '11 at 0:08
Is it faster if you use the and pointers instead of the at() function? at() can be particularly slow in Debug mode. –  mevatron Dec 17 '11 at 5:15

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