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iTunes URLs look like the following:"

How can I easily extract id number?



#returns 472335316
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Regex is the thing you should be searching for. – Blender Dec 17 '11 at 0:44
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import re

def get_id(toParse):
    return'id(\d+)', toParse).groups()[0]

I'll let you figure out error handling...

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+1: For mentioning error-handling. I think you should use r'id(\d+)' with that backslash, though. – Johnsyweb Dec 17 '11 at 1:09

You can use a regex something like "/id(\\d+).*"; the first capture group will have the id number in it. I think you can also write it as r"/id(\d+).*" in Python.

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Without regex (for no reason):

import urlparse

def get_id(url):
    """Extract an integer id from iTunes `url`.

    Raise ValueError for invalid strings
    parts = urlparse.urlsplit(url) 
    if parts.hostname == '':
       idstr = parts.path.rpartition('/')[2] # extract 'id123456'
       if idstr.startswith('id'):
          try: return int(idstr[2:])
          except ValueError: pass
    raise ValueError("Invalid url: %r" % (url,))


print get_id("")
# -> 472335316
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