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I have many case classes in the format of

case class Cluster (id: Pk[Long],
        foo: Long,
        bar: String,
        env: String,
        name: String,
        deleted: Boolean = false) {
    def delete() = Cluster(id, foo, bar, env, name, true)
    def updateName(name: String) = Cluster(id, foo, bar, env, name, deleted)
    def updateFoo(foo: Long) = Cluster(id, foo, bar, env, name, deleted)

I and trying to have all of my classes immutable, i.e. update methods are creating a new instance. Some of the classes have many more members and having the update methods cloning the self object with a different value is tedies error prone.

Any ideas of how to make it more efficient?

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You don't need your methods. You just need to:

val c1 = Cluster(...)
val c2 = c1.copy(env = "new env") // Just list those fields you want to update.

The copy() method is available on case classes "for free".

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wtf? case classes ftw! –  Eishay Smith Dec 17 '11 at 6:48
I didn't know you got copy for free. That's awesome +1. –  Ian McLaird Dec 17 '11 at 16:22

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