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I have an ant build file that is part of a larger makefile I think there are also some maven calls from ant as well but for now I think the problem is with ant build. . I'm having problems when ant tries to make calls to an external URL for downloading some dependencies.

Once it tries to reference the URL the build fails and I get a

BUILD FAILED>>> /path../../build.xml:235: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

Where and How do I add these proxy settings for Ant to work properly? In my same directory I do have a build.properties file but I could also maybe add it in the makefile or build.xml file. How is this done with username and password for proxy as well?

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Try Setproxy task

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While the setproxy task will set the proxy settings for Ant, they might not apply to the Maven build, if you are using the artifact:mvn build task.

You can however set the proxy using a Maven settings file:


And registering this settings file using the artifact:dependencies build task:

<artifact:dependencies settingsFile="maven-settings.xml" />
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I am having the same issue. Trying to use ant which also needs some files from maven. I have a builld.xml file and settings.xml file that has the proxy information. How do I place settings.xml file into build.xml for ant? –  user1471980 Jun 13 at 0:52

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