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In my Java project, which has a maven 'nature', m2e version 1.0.10020110804 does NOT detect any jars located in my local repo. I can successfully compile/install using maven from the command line, but when I open the project in Eclipse I'm notified of 100+ (cannot be resolved to a type) errors. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? I've tried updating dependencies and cleaning my project, but neither works. My local repo is set in m2e under 'User Settings'.

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If you're 100% percent sure that you're local repository path is correct, then one problem could be that either your settings.xml or your project's pom.xml is malformed. If your pom.xml has an un-closed XML tag for example, then m2e won't able to resolve your dependencies and will shove error messages into your face. –  Kohányi Róbert Dec 17 '11 at 6:27
Maven still shows "BUILD SUCCESS" when importing a jar and referencing an incorrect path to a jar. Its easy to overlook a failed import. –  s_t_e_v_e Apr 12 '13 at 20:31

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I recently faced the same problem. The root cause was that I imported my project as a generic project and later added maven and java natures to it. I resolved the issue by closing and removing the project from my workspace and re-importing as a maven project and then syncing it with my local repo. HTH.

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M2e needs to be configured to use your local , home repository . In general, one would expect it to do so automatically... But in your case, its using a different home repository.

I feel your pain here - I have seen it use a default repo inside of eclipse in some cases, which can cause problems if you have / need your own local .m2 directory.

I believe that when I first got this problem, I was installing the m2e plugin without having installed first setting maven up as a standalone application. In this case, it might be that the m2e plugin uses a local maven copy/repo .

So the moral of the story is : You need to configure the plugin to "see" and "use" your M2_HOME correctly.

There are some good tips on getting the settings right here : Eclipse m2eclipse getting dependancies from local repository

By editing the m2e plugin settings through the Preferences window, you can ensure that m2e is accessing the right Maven HOME directory, and that will solve this problem.

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The local repo is correctly set under: Window > Preferences > Maven > User Settings to /home/ari/.m2/repository but I'm still facing the problem. –  Ari Dec 17 '11 at 3:07
@Ari Can you try to go to Preferences->Maven->Installations and select a different maven installation (i.e. the one on your machine, rather than the embedded one) ? ALSO under "User Settings", try clicking "reindex" - m2eclipse ultimately will read repos from the maven index. –  jayunit100 Dec 18 '11 at 0:04

did you try refreshing the workspace?

I am having a similar experience, and I've tried all those thing because it wasn't recognizing the Rhino jar in my unit tests. A lot less errors, but still a couple. Had to close the project, close eclipse, run mvn clean compile, open eclipse, open the project.

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I just tried your suggestion, but unfortunately, it did not work for me. –  Ari Dec 17 '11 at 2:24

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