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I have been using the Uniform Server for doing local development without any huge commitment or any server-style footprint on my dev box.

I'd like to enable a similar experience for Asp.Net MVC 3 and Razor development. But I'd like to avoid installing IIS, SQL Server, and Visual Studio. I'd like to avoid installing any server software, except via a file copy. The express versions of VS aren't an improvement, for example.

I can deal with having to install frameworks, like the .Net Framework 4.0, MVC3, etc.


Is there any existing software capable of this? Is it possible to bend my existing Apache file-copied deployment to do this and work with the .Net Framework?

If not, what is the least I could get away with? Is it possible to install some version of the Asp.Net Development Server without installing full IIS, SQL Server, and Visual Studio?


My hosting provides PHP and Asp.Net support only, and I don't really want to use PHP. I don't want my in-development or throw-away projects to be public, so I'm not going to use my hosting for development. I also want to enable the whole "wipe it clean and start fresh by wiping a directory" development workflow.

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On the web server side, the closest approach I know of to what you're suggesting is probably IIS Express.

For the database, have a look at SQL Server Compact Edition -- it's an embedded version that shouldn't require installation.

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I believe Cassini is what you are looking for. While I haven't got around to using it, for exactly the same target (MVC 3), it has been sitting in my findings a while now, so please report back if you actually use it with MVC3!

As for a database solution, I would go with an embedded sql ce 4

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