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I need to update a couchdb document, when i try and run the command in irb

  CouchRest.put('http://localhost:5984/db', {"_id": "1","_rev": "sdf", "test": "testing"})

I get an error -

RestClient::Request::Unauthorized: 401 Unauthorized: {"error":"unauthorized","reason":"You are not a server admin."}

While in the same console, I am able to successfully run -'http://localhost:5984/db', {"test": "testing"})

Could somebody help with this please.


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This one is straightforward. The API states that a PUT against the name of a db (in your example, "db") attempts to create a new database, which requires admin privileges.

To create a new document, you may use a POST as you did successfully, but the API documents discourage the use of POSTs. PUTs can be used for both creates and updates.

To update an existing document, use a PUT with the ID of the document in the path of the URL and the desired revision to update in the JSON; e.g., CouchRest.put('http://localhost:5984/db/1', {"rev": "sdf", "test": "testing"})

For more information, see the API documentation at Apache's Document API doc in the Wiki.

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Thanks a ton, that did the trick! – verdure Dec 17 '11 at 13:39

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