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I am looking to build a web app which will be mainly API based, but will include some custom functions as well. I am looking for something like hubspot, but not with the ability to host third party websites and blogs. Some of the API's that I will include are

Google Adwords API Google Analytics API Aweber API Mailchimp API Getresponse API Facebook API Twitter API YouTube API Basecamp API Majestic SEO API Google Webmaster Tools API

I will also need feature to scrape Google search results. Users must be able to sign up and use a back end admin panel where they can see reports, download them, update their profile and so on.

Now which programming language or framework should I choose? I have been considering PHP or Ruby on Rails.

I have some basic knowledge on C and C++. Nothing big, but I have a weak base there.

How do you think I should proceed? Which language should I choose?

Suppose I am to outsource, how many hours do you think such an app would take to build? Is it safe to assume around 300 hours?


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Either language would do. You won't be able to scrape google though. I think you should look into a CMS like wordpress so you can find modules to take care of this stuff for you. You'd have to learn allot.

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THe simple answer is pick one, and then build it. Every language will be able to do this to some extent, and Rails and PHP are enough and a good point to start from.

So, pick Rails, get some books and learn what you need to to get the job done.


And with the details you've given, estimating the time required is nigh on impossible.

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