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I have a mysql table

|  Catagory  |    Item   |   Price    |
|    Soup    | Split Pea |  $1.99     |
|    Soup    | Onion     |  $2.99     |
| MainCourse | Steak     |  $9.99     |
| MainCourse | Shrimp    |  $11.99    |

I am looking to end up with html unordered list

            <li class="menuItem">Split Pea - $1.99</li>
            <li class="menuItem">Onion - $2.99</li>

            <li class="menuItem">Steak - $9.99</li>
            <li class="menuItem">Shrimp -$11.99</li>

This is my php

 <?php $testvalue='1' ?>
 <?php do { ?>
 <?php if ($testvalue!=$row_rs_items['category']) { echo $row_rs_items['category']; echo "<br>","<ul>"; } ?> 
  <li class="menuItem"><?php echo $row_rs_items['name']; ?> - <?php echo $row_rs_items['price']; ?></li>
  <?php $testvalue=$row_rs_items['category']; ?>    
  <?php } while ($row_rs_items = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_items)); ?>

The code works to create opening <UL> on the first entry for catagory. However I am looking for a way to add a </UL> when the next row is of a new catagory. Is there a way to peak in to the next row when interating over the recordset?

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There is absolutely no reason for jumping in and out of PHP all the time. – kba Dec 17 '11 at 4:49
very true... I was mostly doing a lot of cutting and pasting during the testing phase so seperate PHP starts and stops made sense.. but you are 100% correct once you know what you are doing I dont need to jump in and out. – personalt Dec 17 '11 at 14:19
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Try this,

$row_rs_items = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_items);
  echo "<ul>";
          echo "</ul><ul>";
      echo "<li class='menuItem'>$row_rs_items[name]</li>";
      $row_rs_items = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_items)
    echo "</ul>";
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This works perfectly and makes a lot of sense... thank you so much.. Two tiny typos if anyone is trying to reuse this.. Line 2 - $row_rs_items... and missing a ; near the bottom – personalt Dec 17 '11 at 14:17

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