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I am creating a function that will lookup for the maximum value within an array. However, say I have this example,

function MaxArray($arr)
    return max($arr);
$arr = array(array(141,151,161), 2, 3, array(101, 202, array(303,404)));

This will return values Array ( [0] => 141 [1] => 151 [2] => 161 )

What I want for an output is to get 404 because it is the highest value in the array. Any insights? Thanks.

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flatten the array first. – Keith Layne Dec 17 '11 at 4:31
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As a modification of your function

function MaxInArray ($arr) {
    $m = NULL;
    foreach ($arr as $v) {
        if (is_array($v)) $v = MaxInArray($v);
        if (is_null($m) || $v > $m) $m = $v;
    return $m;

Made it recursive.

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PHP has many features built-in to flatten or recursively walk the array, e.g. array_walk_recursiveDocs. For example combine with an anonymous functionDocs this can be solved with some little code:

array_walk_recursive($arr, function($v) use(&$max) {$max = max($v, $max);});

var_dump($max); # int(404)


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