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I recently downloaded Eclipse Portable to do some Java Programming anywhere. I also downloaded Java Portable.

How can I integrate Java Portable with Eclipse Portable?

I know that on the "installed" version of these two, I need to set up the CLASSPATH, PATH and JAVA_HOME variables in order to use the Java Compiler(javac.exe)

How can I set this up on a thumb drive? How can I tell Eclipse to use my portable Java?

Please help me, and if possible please be specific and detailed procedure-wise. I am planning to deploy these applications on Windows XP/7 machines.

Any efforts to answer my question will be greatly appreciated!

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You need to set java compiler in eclipse from below path.

Eclipse -> Windows(one of the menu on top) -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler

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So, I'll just browse through the location of my Java portable and search for the compiler? Do I still need to set up the class path, path and java_home? Thanks in advance. –  Saudate Dec 17 '11 at 6:41
yup.. you need set class path and java home then set java path in eclipse to compile your project –  Jwalin Shah Dec 17 '11 at 6:51
my Java is portable too, and I cannot just set the class path and java home on the computer that I will be using, since that we are only given guest accounts. Where and how will I set up those, using Notepad? I need an eclipse and java that can be deployed from a thumb drive. thanks. –  Saudate Dec 19 '11 at 5:14

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