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In my web application I have to copy a directory and all its contents to another location. I want to use shell_exec function of PHP. But I can't find the command for that.

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You can use:

cp -r source dest

Copies source and all contents of source inside dest.

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Define "location" more precisely. In any event:

  • if the directory is local: cp -r sourcedir destdir;
  • if it is remote, using scp: scp -r sourcedir user@targetmachine:destdir
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The PHP manual has a page for the copy function where you can find a many recipes for recursive direcotry copy. Here is an adapted recipe:

function recurse_copy($srcdir, $dstdir) {
    $dir = opendir($srcdir);
    while ($file = readdir($dir)) {
        if ($file != '.'  && $file != '..') {
            $src = $srcdir . '/' . $file
            $dst = $dstdir . '/' . $file
            if (is_dir($src)) { 
                recurse_copy($src, $dst); 
            } else { 
                copy($src, $dst); 
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