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I´m working with sensor accelerometer and i wonder if it´s possible and how to run two things in onSensorChanged. 1. i want to Accelerometer data x,y,z allways store in the field 2. if shake is detect, run another activity

My question is, when shake is detect and run another activity, i still want to store x,y,z in my fields. How can i do that?

public void onSensorChanged(int sensor, float[] values) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    x = values[0];
    y = values[1];
    z = values[2];
 ThreadForLoopA threatA = new ThreadForLoopA(x,y,z);
 ThreadForLoopB threatB = new ThreadForLoopB();

X,y,z are changing all the time and i get just the first x,y,z data in my threadA class.

Is possible to create threads inside onSensorChanged? Hope someone understant what i´m trying to do :) Thanks

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A thread is started with start, not run. run will just call the method sequentially on the main thread.

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