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I am designing a database which would have a table (containing contact details like Contactid name Number and address)

I want to add notes every time when a contact visits my office, with date and time.

So I created another table visit (Visitid, Visit date, Notes, Contactsid)

But I am unable to create a relationship as one contact can have multiple notes.

What I want is?

When I select a contact in the UI then it shows me the visit history and option to enter new visit notes


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what UI are you using for accessing the database? Why are you referring to SQL Express (I'm guessing MS SQL Server Express?) in the caption, but to mysql in the tag, which one is it you're using? –  codeling Dec 17 '11 at 11:51
I will use vb 2010 express for ui and i am using MS Sql Server express –  user1103393 Dec 17 '11 at 12:50

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I don't quite follow - you should be able to definitely establish a foreign key relationship between Visit and Contact like this:

  FOREIGN KEY(ContactID) REFERENCES dbo.Contact(ContactID)

This links each visit to exactly one contact - but each contact can have any number of visits, of course.

To get all visit for a given contact, when you select it in your UI, you'd use something like:

SELECT VisitID, VisitDate, Notes
FROM dbo.Visit
WHERE ContactID = @ContactID

and then you'd have to set the @ContactID parameter to the proper value (the ID of the contact chosen in your UI) before executing this SELECT.

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