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I am using this code


  if (!isset($_SESSION["origURL"]))

$referrer = $_SESSION["origURL"];
$referrer_query = parse_url($referrer);
$referrer_query = $referrer_query["query"];
$q = "[q|p]"; //Yahoo uses both query strings, I am using switch() for each search engine
$_SESSION["SEKW"]  = urldecode($keyword[1]);

to track referral keywords and I call this in to a hidden field of my forms which works great.

My problem is I have had to change my form to an iframe and I can no longer call the session now as the form is in a iframe.

so i had ( every thing worked )

I am now using an iframe from

to place my form into

I hope I have explained my self correctly


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if understand your question correctly.

You can pass the variable by using something like :

Hope this help.

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