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On this website, .. my lefthand navigation links are displaying & behaving perfectly in the following browsers (on the PC platform):

Firefox 8.x

Safari 5.x

Chrome 16.x

Opera 11.x

IE 7

IE 8

However -- when you mouseover any of the links -- in IE 9 only -- you'll see that something very odd happens (all the links seem to collapse upon themselves). It almost seems as though the images that are named "nav_in_between.jpg" are disappearing for some reason (though I suspect that they're actually floating over to the right of each link).

Why is this happening, .. and how can I fix it?

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this is very strange behaviour indeed. i don't have a solution for your current nav structure, but i would suggest the following, since you could achieve the same effect with a much simpler structure (it isn't good practice to use <img> just for layout). 1) inside .nav-2 create a div with bg-img nav-top (fixed height), a div with bg-img nav_in_between (no height set, with background-repeat:y), and a div with bg-img nav-bottom. 2) set margin:1px 0 on your links to achieve the white space between them. –  ptriek Dec 17 '11 at 13:32
Having problems with IE is normal and expected. You can never trust IE to do anything right. –  Rob Dec 17 '11 at 13:55
Thank you so much! I ended up adding a 2px bottom margin to each of the links and removing those "in between" images (as was suggested) .. and also added a class attribute to the bottom endcap images (in each nav) container that has "float:left" properties assigned to it, .. and that seems to have fixed the ie9-specific issues: colorshoutconcepts.com –  Yvan Gagnon Dec 18 '11 at 12:50

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