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Given a list of Images, each with a field position. Which I numbered the wrong way around.

Where that list will be ordered based on their position: 1 being the topmost item. I accidentally gave that item the highest number, whereas it should have been given the lowest.

I numbered them

[a=> 9, b=> 7, c=> 3, d=> 2, e=> 1]

But I want them numbered

[e=> 9, d=> 7, c=> 3, b=> 2, a=> 1]

What kind of algorithm should I use for this? Bonuspoints for (pseudo)code in Ruby :)

In reality there are approx 400 Images in that list, the position numbers (Image.position) start at 1040 and go down to 1; this means there are some gaps (e.g. 341 till 600 are not present).

Note1: Obviously I can simply reverse the ordering in my code. But that is ugly, confusing and breaks the working of methods such as "move_to_top", which I would need to rewrite then too.

Note2: The code seems to allow negative numbers, so doing a * -1 on each position number works. But feels ugly and confusing.

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If you just need to reverse the numbering, and you don't care which precise numbers are used, just pick a number that's larger than the largest number in the list and subtract the numbers from it to get new ones.

Eg, if you pick 10, then 10-9 = 1, 10-7 = 3, 10-3 = 7, 10-2 = 8, 10-1 = 9.

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