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I have two buttons on form and when I press on button it stays in pressed condition , and frame stays unresponsive condition until operation of button1 is finished , in my case I call new xterm windows that stays opened and with button2 I want to open new xterm but until I close xterm window from button1 command entire GUI is unresponsive. Why is that? Thanks , I started using TKinter 2 days ago so go easy on me :)

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Tkinter works in a single thread. So when you press the button, the callback command is apparently not returning for a long time. This causes the Tkinter GUI to freeze until the callback command returns.

If possible, the solution is to break the callback command into smaller pieces, perhaps a loop, and call update_idletasks() frequently enough to allow the Tkinter GUI to update.

If that is not possible, then the callback command should spawn a thread so its execution will not block the Tkinter main event loop.

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Thanks for answering and links :) –  Danijel Maksimovic Maxa Dec 17 '11 at 17:29

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