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I'm doing a bit of Photoshop scripting for the first time and it sure would be great to have a console.log-like function to output array and object values in the Javascript console of the ExtendScript Toolkit App.

Is there an equivalent function?

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$.writeln() is what you're looking for. See the JavaScript Tools Guide (PDF) for details.

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This does not work using the xtools extension for Photoshop CS6. –  justingordon Oct 13 '13 at 22:16
Doesn't output anything on Adobe Extend Script 4! –  numediaweb Jun 20 at 15:38
write("any message");

Is what works in XTools for Photoshop. I find that the Photoshop debugger crashes all the time in CS6 on Mac OSX.

You can find more about XTools here: http://ps-scripts.sourceforge.net/xtools.html.

It's fabulous!

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