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I want to change the CSS of an <input type="text"> when the text box is selected; i.e. when the user clicks on the text box, I want different CSS rules to apply. Is there any way to do this using pure CSS?

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Have you tried the focus pseudo-class


more info: http://reference.sitepoint.com/css/pseudoclass-focus

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select the input fields which have attribute of text only


Select any input field (checkbox,file,hidden,image,password,radio,reset,submit,text)


Select any textarea


OK that's by CSS however if you are looking to achieve smooth animated effects and have more control over focus/blur it is better to use JQuery or other JavaScript frameworks.

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Yes. Select it using the :focus pseudoclass.

Demo at http://dabblet.com/gist/1490497

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You can use the following in CSS


where E is the element.


You can also use jquery using the

$('#element').attr('class', 'new value');
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function change(objNum){
    var objName = "txtbox";

    document.getElementByID(objName).className = "franchlinks";


<input type="text" class="yourdefaultclass" id="txtbox1" onclick="change('txtbox1');">

Try like this. for lost focus you may try onblur instead of onclick.

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