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I'm trying to compile version 7.16 of sc, the ncurses spreadsheet calculator, for cygwin. Compilation fails due to undefined references: nmgetch, kbd_again, initkbd, and resetkbd. Google search, and grepping a Ubuntu machine with apt-get-installed sc, has got me nowhere. Does anyone recognise these names?

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in fact I was able to compile and get arrow keys working, the right CFLASG to put in the Makefile is :

CFLAGS=-DSYSV3 -I/usr/include/ncurses/

You don't need to change the SIMPLE= variable (you can leave it as it is in Makefile)

If you leave the -O2 and -pipe flags your SC won't be working properly (it won't process editing options - syntax error)

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These functions are defined within sc. They are required to build sc, but undefined by default. If the C preprocessor macro, SIMPLE, is defined, a "simple" implementation of these functions is enabled. So call make as follows, to allow it to find cygwin's curses.h:

make CFLAGS=-I/usr/include/ncurses SIMPLE=-DSIMPLE

But now the arrow keys don't move the cursor.

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