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I saw this code in another question , I thought I might make it work for an image too, but since I am a newbie in jquery, I didn't do much.

Here is the code:

$('someObject').bind('mouseover', function() {

    //Do the following while mouseover 
    $('someOtherObject').css('margin-left',adjustedLeft + 'px');
    setTimeout(/*do it again*/,25);


I saw it in this question right here: An "if mouseover" or a "do while mouseover" in JavaScript/jQuery

There is an example below it also, but that one works for text fields.

I want mine to work for images, basically i have 2 images one over another and i want to make a fading effect, so something like

while mouseover , every 0,01sec , lower the opacity by 0.01 ,till 0,01 the moment the mouse leaves the image(button) , stop lowering the opacity and start heightening it again by 0.01 every 0.01sec till 0.99 opacity

Just to be clear again , i got 2 images(buttons) 1 above the other , i want to lower and then heighten the opacity of the upper button. Also i saw another type of fade , but the 2 buttons were on 1 image , but for me(the newbie) its too advanced i guess, but i might look at that , its a nice way to use less images i guess.

Just in case , here is the link to the example too :

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$('someObject').mouseover(function() {
         opacity: 0
}).mouseout(function() {
         opacity: 0.99
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Is this preferable to $().hover with two functions? – Adam Rackis Dec 17 '11 at 17:04
i dont really know – aWebDeveloper Dec 17 '11 at 17:09
Thank you , this really worked :) , just instead of "someOtherObject" i used the same , if its another object, it doesn't animate properly This is the code i used: $(LowerImage).mouseover(function() { $(LowerImage).animate({ opacity: 0 }) }).mouseout(function() { $(LowerImage).animate({ opacity: 0.99 }) }); And one more thing , can i set the speed of the animation somewhere ? Don't get me wrong , the speed is good , i just want to know in case i need it somewhere else to be different. – Jordashiro Dec 18 '11 at 11:35
just post your code on – aWebDeveloper Dec 19 '11 at 6:40

Use jquery hover

        function () {
            // Set the effect you want when mouse is over the element
        function () {
            // Set the effect for mouse leave


Hope this help :)

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