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I need a source code with java and jena (or other languages) that ables to extract triples from a RDF file that has multiple ontology.

There is a source code in This Page but this code needs to determine an ontology in source code.

I need a source code that itself read ontology from rdf files and print Sujects,Predicate and Objects as string in URL format.

This is my rdf file: My Files

Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

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You just need to have the same code as in here:

How to extract RDF triples from xml file using existing Ontology in java?

But without the predicate that filters the statements. For example ...

FileManager fManager = FileManager.get();
Model model = fManager.loadModel("some_file.rdf");
SimpleSelector selector = new SimpleSelector(null, null, (RDFNode)null) {
    public boolean selects(Statement s)
        { return true; }

StmtIterator iter = model.listStatements(selector);
while(it.hasNext()) {
   Statement stmt = iter.nextStatement();

If this is not what you need, please explain your question in further detail. I do not fully understand it.

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