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I'm having a little issue with the colorbox when using it in a facebook tab/canvas.

Basically I load another file (that contains a few images) with ajax (jQuery) into my canvas page and I want to let colorbox open those pictures. It all works fine when I attach the colorbox in the callback of my ajax .load as long as I'm not in the facebook canvas.

But as soon as I open the page in facebook, it won't open colorbox anymore. All other jQuery functions are working though.


$('#slider').load('content.php', { ajax: 'on' }, function(e) {

I found a solution to make it work - I need to define the colorbox in the file that is getting loaded with ajax. But I don't understand why it's not working in the callback and I don't think it's a very nice solution. Before I want to move on and develop further things in my fb-canvas, I need to know why this is happening.

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I had a few quick and dirty test now and it all works fine. I tried reproducing the problem, but couldn't find anything. I must have been blind, but my debugger actually complained about the callback of the .load()! It was just one line (before the colorbox-call):

$('#slider').css({left: (-100 * $('#' + History.getState().data['show']).position().left / $('#data').width()) + '%'});

I can't see any problems with it and I'm no expert, but my debugger (Firebug) had no reason for listing it in the console either (without any comment) as it still worked - except from the colorbox-call after it. And here's the thing: After putting the colorbox-call in front of this line (it's all in the same callback of the load()), it all worked.

Still confused and don't know what this was. I'm still not sure whether this is now unrelated to colorbox or not, because there debugger only cries when I put the colorbox-call right behind it. Weird!

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