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Much of this topic was covered in this thread on pkginclude_HEADERS

I have an open source library and it has some includes with common names. I suspect the best solution is to have my umbrella include file in the pkginclude_HEADERS directory, then have an additional directory there that has all the other headers in it. Then in the umbrella file the usage will be #include .

How can I coerce automake to do this? Thanks!

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Most likely:

nobase_pkginclude_HEADERS = subdir/subfile.h

so subfile.h gets copied to ${pkgincludedir}/subdir/subfile.h. Without the nobase_ prefix, it would end up as ${pkgincludedir}/subfile.h.

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So, this will work for all but the "umbrella" header file - the one that references all the others. Can I define a pkginclude_HEADERS macro too (without the no base) for that one umbrella file? – David H Dec 18 '11 at 17:32
(It's not a macro, it is a variable), and yes, pkginclude_HEADERS = umbrella.h. – jørgensen Dec 18 '11 at 19:13

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