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Suppose I have a lot of math calculations which are quite tedious to implement in php. Is it possible to somehow link PHP and Octave on the server in such a way, that php sends parameters to Octave and receives answers back.

Has anyone tried anything similar?

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Another solution is to use octave-daemon, which was written specifically for this purpose. Works on Linux, don't know about Windows.

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You can use matlab compiler to make an executable matlab application, that you can call from php.

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One way to do it, in Windows, is to compile Matlab as a DLL and include it ona web app (a WFC service, for example). At that point you have a functional "matlab service" and then you can access that service from PHP or any other language.

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GNU Octave can be called from PHP using the Linux command line, using commands like exec() or passthru(). Anyway, their appropriate use depends on what you are trying to do (there are no details of your problem).

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It is also possible to create a .NET component using Matlab Builder NE, and deploy it using SilverLight on the web.

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