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Im planning on using CoreData to model a “News” iOS app. This’ll have many sections (read a UITabBarItem) which will contain many articles (in a UITableView). The articles might appear in other sections too. Also the sort order of each article is another important factor.

In database lingo I'd have

  • "Article" table
  • Sections" table and a
  • "Article_Sections" table to map an article to a section with additional sort order field.

I have tried and can’t model this in CoreData. Im stuck with a

  • “Section” class having a many-to-many relationship with
  • a “Article” class (with an inverse many-to-many relationship to the “Section” class).

However with this I don’t know how to derive the sort order. Any hint on how to do this is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I had to stop thinking in terms of database to sort this out. My solution involved 2 Classes:

  • ArticleList

Properties: * List name * Article Id * Sort order

Relationship: * Article ; one-to-one

  • Article

Properties: * Article Id * ....

Relationship: * List ; one-to-many

I query the ArticleList and sort on sortOrder to get a list of articles for a particular feed/section. Then use the valueForKeyPath: to fetch article properties (such as title etc).

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I think that you need to remove the direct relationship between section and article and just have a relationship from your Article_Sections table back to the section and article tables.

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You can add an entity "ArticleSectionPair" as an intermediary between "Section" and "Article" with:

  • an attribute "sortValue"
  • a one-to-many relationship "section" to the "Section" entity (with its reverse "articlePairs")
  • a one-to-many relationship "article" to the "Article" entity (with its reverse "sectionPairs")

Using the attribute "sortValue" and th, you can get a sorted collection of ArticleSectionPairs from a section and get the articles with [sortedArticlePairs valueForKeyPath:@"article"].

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