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i had to modify an existing form, which i did and saved it on my desktop as .oft file. My problem is that when ever i send this form i have an old signature that shows.

for instance, if i double click the .oft file i see the body with that old signature and then my newer one below it. I would like to delete that old signature that is stuck in the body. What confuses me is that when i open that file in outlook forms i never included a signature in messages, which is why when i run the form i dont see this signature except when i send it, i see it in preview when i open the message i see my outlook form as it should be.

im sorry if i repeated myself, im new in the forms and kinda confused of the outcome.

thanks for your help in advance.


I managed to save the file as html. i see the signature on the bottom of the page. how can i remove or modify the html file to remove that signature and get back the original oft file.

I also tried saving as html, removing the signature, saving. then using a macro to load the html. but unable to save back to oft.

Sub MakeHTMLMsg()
Set objMsg =3D Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
Set fso =3D CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set ts =3D fso.OpenTextFile("c:\testfile.htm", 1)=20
strText =3D ts.ReadAll
objMsg.HTMLBody =3D strText
Set fso =3D Nothing
Set ts =3D Nothing=20
Set objMsg =3D Nothing
End Sub
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got it, add message box. then go to run this form. and voila. remove the unwanted signature. save as

thank you

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