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I want to set (manually) the skinState (for example 'disabled') of a button (that I skinned) in ActionScript.

For example: I have a button skin with hostComponent: components.backend.btnMenuBakComp The button skin has the default button states (up, over, down, ...), but I want to set one of this skinStates in ActionScript.

For example:

subMenu.btnDashboard.currentState = "disabled";

This doesn't work because the state "disabled" is not known in the component (it is only known in the skinState of btnDashboard).

How can I fix this? Is there another solution then load a new skinClass?


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You're talking about the Button component in the components box right? Not the Button symbol type? –  annonymously Dec 17 '11 at 22:18

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Quick and dirty

You can access the skin of any component and just set its state directly:

subMenu.btnDashboard.skin.currentState = "disabled";

That is however not a very clean way to do it. You are telling a Skin class directly what to do and completely bypassing the host component. Hence the host component has no idea of the changes that were made to its skin.

The proper way

A cleaner way to approach this is to expose a property on the host component and then tell the skin to adjust itself to possible changes by overriding the getCurrentSkinState() method.

You could for instance create a property 'enabled' and then tell the skin to update its state by calling invalidateSkinState() whenever 'enabled' is being set.

public function set enabled(value:Boolean):void {
    _enabled = value;

Calling invalidateSkinState() will make the skin call getCurrentSkinState() in the next render cycle. This method will then look something like this:

override protected function getCurrentSkinState():String {
    return _enabled ? "normal" : "disabled";

Do note that since you are skinning a Button (or a subclass of it) all that I've written here is already baked into that component. So the answer to your question might be as simple as : "just set the 'enabled' property to true.

subMenu.btnDashboard.enabled = true;
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Thanks, great (I've accepted the answer)! –  benske Mar 23 '12 at 9:22

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